Be in Alignment with God: 1/8/21

Dear friend and brother, fellow traveler on the path to God and the path of divine love. When God's love fills and transforms our souls we are fit to enter his glorious kingdom for all eternity. How do we receive this love? We simply need to ask. We must come to God in earnest sincerity and humility and ask him for this great gift. We must continue to ask for this gift for all eternity, for the flow of God's divine love is never ceasing. It will live forever. May love be yours and guide you through changes. Let go of that which not longer serves you. Thank it for it's service and let it go with love. Letting go is an important step in the assentation process, a much needed step in our spiritual growth. As the saying goes, "you can't take it with you." Letting go refers to the material as well as mental and emotional ailments. Often, this process is difficult for change is never easy. Pray for God's divine love to aid you. Pray for him to send his mighty angels, for there is nothing they can't accomplish if God wishes it to be so and if it is for your higher good and for the greater good of the whole of humanity. God continues to flood the earth with light and love. Change is coming and will continue to come. This may be difficult to see at times, especially when much darkness covers the earth. You can see a glimpse of hope and rays of God's love if you look within at the beauty of his creation ... your eternal soul. Pray to be in alignment with God. Those who continue to be out of alignment and those who believe they can continue on their destructive path will find a life of much difficulty and strife. Fear not, for when you pray you bring yourself into full alignment with God. This attracts the armies of heaven, a mighty army indeed. Many angels will serve to guide and protect humanity and those who wish to live in peace, humility, and love. Be well. We love you. God bless you.

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