Ascension to Heaven: 11/19/20

Dear brother and friend on the divine love path. Thank you for taking a message this morning. We in the spiritual realm have been working to bring truths to mankind for centuries. Often our truths are distorted to some degree. This is normal and expected. As we have told you, there is rarely a perfect communication between spirit and human. This is due to the fact that humans are not perfect beings. They often filter our energies and thoughts through their own human brains. This can many times distort our message to a certain degree. It is always our hope that when we come to deliver a message that the "gist" of what we would like to communicate comes through. Don't get hung up on specific wording, focus on the meaning behind the words. Focus on the feeling. Is it a loving feeling? If so, chances are that it is a true communication. We would like humanity to know that there is no such thing as automatic salvation. Many on your world believe in automatic salvation. They believe that when they pass into spirit that they will automatically be whisked up to heaven. This is rarely the case. Most people pass into the Summerlands, which can sometimes feel like heaven, but it is far from the true Kingdom of God. The only path to the Kingdom of God is through prayer for God's divine love. What we mean by this is that as God responds to our prayers, he fills our soul with his divine love and energy. The soul begins the ascension process. This process may and should be started while the soul is in the flesh on the earth plane. This will give the soul a "leg up" as you would say. Divine love is given by the grace of God. It works to slowly transform our souls into the likeness of God. As we obtain more divine love, we grow spiritually and ascend closer to the Kingdom of God. There are rare souls on earth that do pass over and reach a high spirit plane, but this is in fact rare. These folks usually have a special mission to fulfill on earth and are blessed in many facets. Jesus was one such soul. We all have our missions and purposes to fulfill in life. No mission is more important than another in the eyes of God. Know that through prayer for divine love, all will ascend and all will reach the father who seek him. Be well. We love you. God bless you.

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