Appreciate the Mundane: 12/6/20

Dear friend and student on the divine love spiritual path. Thank you for connecting with spirit and recording a message today. Call on us often. God loves you. We love you. Peace be will you. Divine love is a great blessing from God. It aids in the development of our souls and helps us to grow spiritually. There are no requirements or prerequisites to this gift. There is nothing to study or learn. Divine love is a gift to all who seek it. Pray for this love often and feel it's effects and presence in your life. Many people dedicate their lives on earth to the pursuit of accomplishments and achievements. These are noble pursuits when done with love and in harmony with God's laws, but sometimes people forget to be. What we mean by this is that sometimes our lives become so busy with our pursuits that we forget to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience while on earth. Remember to slow down sometimes and experience the journey and all that the earth life has to offer, the good, bad, exciting, and mundane. All experiences will aid in your spiritual development. Learn to notice the beauty in the mundane things of your experience. It can be a quiet walk outside, a calming hike through nature, breathing fresh clean air. All gifts for us to enjoy. If we allow our minds to miss the beauty around us life can get too hectic and become too much of a chore. Take notice when you or the people around you begin to feel this way. Sometimes a gentle reminder to refocus on being present in the moment can have a calming and peaceful effect. There is no rush, the journey is long, keep things in perspective. Take time to pray, meditate, and contemplate. For there is much joy to be found in these pursuits. God bless you and all people of earth and in spirit. May God's light and love flood the earth and bring peace and joy. Be well. We love you.

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