True or False: 9/22/20

Dear brother, you are worried that the insights you've seen and heard from others are a false path as you call it. You are correct to be praying for specific guidance from us and from God. We will show you the true path. There would be a specific trigger that we would show you should there be a need to alarm others. For now, continue in your preparations by having a plan in mind and be willing to follow this plan when the time comes. Your vision for winter is fairly accurate. There is great potential for world wide economic slowdown related to a muddy election. If the US has no true leadership the world may be tossed into economic peril. You have been given the inclination of snow covered roads for this reason. Grocery items may be difficult for many to get this winter. Plows may have difficulty traveling and clearing roads due to low petroleum supply world wide. This is happening for spiritual reasons. Mother earth is being over taxed and people are too reliant on oil and drilling, which has caused an imbalance in mother earth to the point where something needs to change. Mankind must find alternative energy and fuel sources. Solar power is an example. Remember always that God has a plan. These things are occurring because mankind has become unbalanced and the earth is paying a heavy price. Her energies need to be balanced. Mankind will learn to balance these energies in time. Mankind will develop new technologies for cleaner energy and ultimately learn to harness the potential of zero point energy. The spiritual realm is busying working to bring these things to your world, for you are never alone. The spiritual realms are always reaching out to help mankind. You will be guided. God bless you, we love you, our love is always near. Peace be with your soul. God loves you.

Writer's note: This message is related to indications I have been receiving that winter will be difficult due to world economic stagnation and possible Covid-19 shutdowns. I interpret this message to mean that I am supposed to follow my intuition and own personal truths in regards to potential changes coming to the world.

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