All Paths Lead to God: 12/31/20

Dear brother and friend on the divine love spiritual path. Thank you for connecting with spirit today. We look forward to assisting you on your journey towards a greater and deeper relationship with the eternal father. Our guidance is meant to bring you closer to your own personal understanding of the divine. There are many paths and roads that will lead to the same destination, the kingdom of heaven. How we get there is a matter of free will and choice. There is no right or wrong path. The choices we make can lead us down more favorable paths, for there are better roads than others, but ultimately all roads lead to God. Some roads are fast, some roads are slow. Some are bumpy and some are smooth. We in spirit seek to guide based on the roads you choose to travel. There may be times in life where you want to take the bumpy road. This may be to learn something or assist another on their spiritual journey. Other times you may want the quickest and fastest road. The choice is yours. It matters not to God, although he often wishes for you to choose the path that creates the greatest and highest good for both you and others. Strive to take this road. Take the road that creates the highest good. Listen often to our guidance. Prayer and meditation are the keys to listening and hearing this guidance. Call on us often. Guidance can come in many forms; thoughts, images, impressions, and dreams. If you have trouble hearing this guidance and are unsure if it is coming from your mind or your soul, ask God for clarification. Listen to your heart. True spiritual guidance comes from your soul, and not from your mind. Often you might have a dream were your mind is running rampant about things in the past. These are just memories or fears and not true spiritual guidance. True guidance will always be given with love. Learn to decipher between true spiritual guidance from the soul and learn to discard the ramblings of the mind. God bless you. We love you always.

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