Adapt to Change: 12/10/20

Dear friend and divine love soul. It is a pleasure to connect with you and share our love as well as our knowledge of the ways of spirit. The ways of the spirit are different than the ways of the physical world. In the higher spiritual realms, love and harmony are the laws of the land. We are able to live in harmony with one another. We have a great love and admiration for our fellow souls and spirits. We are able to achieve this state of being due to the great gift of divine love. Divine love is the essence and energy of God. As this gift comes into our souls, it changes us. We become happier, our thoughts and ways of being move in more harmonious and loving ways. Things that used to bother us no longer seem so daunting, for when we see the world through the eyes of love our perceptions change. This does not mean we become naïve or blind to the darkness and despair. We know it exists, we simply don't become stuck or fixated on it. We see a better way and higher perspective. We see a temporary situation, a challenge, something to learn and grow from. While on earth, there will never be perfection, for the earth life will never be perfect. The earth life was not designed to be perfect. The earth life is a short, intense period of spiritual development. The earth life sets the stage for your life and work in spirit. As a soul progress it will move towards higher thoughts and states of consciousness. The soul is shaped and perfected like a beautiful gemstone. A soul in the earth life is still very much in it's rough state. As the earth continues to experience change and growing pains, know that God is flooding the world with light. Adapt to these changes. Pray for love to guide you. There will come a time when the earth is a more loving and spiritual place. This doesn't happen over night and takes time, but many souls are awakening to these changes. They are saying, "hey, we want a better way, a better world." God will show them a better way. It is the way of divine love. We love you. God bless you.

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