A Spiritual Perspective on the 2020 Earth Changes

As we continue to move forward and navigate the unprecedented 2020 year I would like to share the insights and themes I have received from spirit regarding these “interesting” times. First, know that God is flooding the world with light. What? How can this be? While 2020 has had its share of hardship, one can always look at hardship as a path to growth. I agree that the coronavirus pandemic has been a terrible thing for many people, but even in our despair, God is reaching out. God wants to use the isolation we experience as a way for us to turn to him. We live in a world that moves 100 miles an hour. Covid has taught us to slow down. Technology has changed the landscape of how people work and interact. Many folks are working from home, free from the hustle and bustle of the work commute. Less people are forced to stay late at the office and many are having family dinners again. The spiritual realm is using this period of quarantine to reach out to the millions of souls on earth. Many have discovered talents they didn’t know they had, and many are learning to reach back to spirit through prayer and meditation. I am one of those people. I’ve always enjoyed writing and recently began a meditative writing project which has allowed me to connect with spirit at new and deeper levels. I hear that God has a plan. I hear that humanity is moving forward. The current way we live is often out of harmony with God’s laws of love. We live in a very independent and individualist society. We can see glimpses of this being played out in our current political landscape and the fight over wearing masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Often, I hear people say, “it should be my choice whether I wear a mask or not,” or “I don’t like being told what to do.” While I agree that individual freedoms make America great, at some point we need to transcend this mindset to a certain degree, because the spiritual realm wants to teach us that our actions and choices affect others and the world around us. We are all connected. We are all one. Whenever we make a decision to put the individual above the whole of society, we take a step backward on the spiritual path. This is slowly changing. Many people are becoming aware of how their actions affect others. This is true spiritual growth and will continue in the times to come. God is moving us towards greater community and togetherness.

As earth changes continue to come, people who have a tendency to live in their comfort zones and want to stay in their current mindset might encounter more difficulty accepting and going with the flow of these changes compared to people with a forward thinking and progressive mindset. Many with an individualistic mindset will see this writing as a call to socialism and their minds will reject this. However, community is not the same as socialism, for it is true that we reap what we sow in this lifetime. What needs to change is our state of mind. We must continue to work hard, but with the mindset of uplifting one another, rather than the current mindset of working hard to keep everything for ourselves. Too many people get caught up in the illusion of having to keep up with the Jones’. This illusion will fall away as mankind raises his spirituality and develops his soul to a degree where they are willing to work towards the greater good rather than to uplift themselves. People who want to cling to the individualistic mindset will have a difficult time moving forward as these earth changes continue to intensify. These people are happy with their lives for the most part and seek to keep things the same. This is comfortable and familiar. The problem is that the energies of the world are always changing. Growth is a law of spirit. We must continually seek growth in order to move forward on the path to God. We must seek to uplift our fellow human beings and create opportunities to grow together. If humanity is able to overcome this individualistic mindset, great spiritual gifts will come. Spirit has taught me that the next major breakthrough will be zero point or free energy. Much like how the internet revolutionized the world, zero point energy will do the same. This free energy is a gift from God. We will be able to power our homes, vehicles, and technology … all for free. In order for the spiritual realm to teach this gift to mankind, humanity must raise it’s collective spiritual consciousness, moving away from individualism and towards community. The reason for this is that God wants energy to be free for everyone. Much like the power of the sun to grow our vegetables, it’s a benefit to all. No one should profit. Zero point energy will power our daily lives and revolutionize how the world operates, how business is done, and how we live. Less effort will be put into making money, for people will be able to live much more cheaply. People will be free to work at jobs they truly love and enjoy. This will be freeing for many and allow people to focus more time and energy on discovering and utilizing the true gifts of their souls and less time on working a job that provides for their daily needs, but brings no true joy.

Much change is coming to the world and will continue to be so. Change is slow, and needs to be in order to keep people from becoming overwhelmed. Often, in today’s political landscape we hear the term “defund the police.” This term often brings fear and anger to many, especially those with a conservative mindset. We would all like to live in a society where we no longer need a group of good people to protect citizens from bad people, but their minds reject this idea because it is too radical. It is too much of a drastic change. I agree. Society is not ready to accept this idea because it is too radical for the people of today. Society is a long way from being able to live without a police force, but there will come a time when the earth will know this reality because God is flooding the world with light and love. As this love comes it will raise the spiritual vibration of many, and many will live and act within God’s laws of love and harmony. When love rules the world, there will be no violence or fear. Be willing to embrace new ideas and be open to their possibilities. The changes won’t happen today or tomorrow, but as each of us grows in spirit and love, there may come a day when our children’s children will know this world.

As the earth continues to change, please keep an open mind for what is to come. We should honor the traditions of our past, but not cling to them for fear of losing them. When we let go of the past we allow God to bring in the new. Dare to dream of a better world, one guided by love and harmony, for what we focus our thoughts on will become our reality. Be brave, be willing to let go of the beliefs and mindsets that are no longer serving you. These changes won’t be easy for anyone. They will challenge humanity on many levels, but as with any challenge, lasting and permanent growth will come. Prayer and meditation are the keys to raising our spirituality and creating a better world. As we turn towards God and away from distraction; we will find solace, contentment, and peace. May God’s love be with you.

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