A New Earth will Emerge: 1/14/21

Dear student on the divine love spiritual path. It is good to connect with you this morning. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for strengthening your relationship with us and with God. We send our love and you are fully supported in this endeavor. When you choose to align yourself with love, truth, peace, and harmony, you are choosing the will of God. You become a co-creator with God. This will bring the energies around you into balance. Seek balance. We have told you many times that the world is currently out of balance, but there will come a time when balance will be restored. Much work needs to be done to restore this balance. More people need to turn to God through prayer and mediation for his gift of divine love. When more people come to God and receive this gift, a new earth will be born. God has envisioned this new earth, an earth filled with harmony, peace, and love. The fruits of this earth will be shared by all. For the gifts of God are meant to be shared and not hoarded. The ego's of man will seek truth, not power. They will seek harmony, not discord. Most importantly they will seek to love their fellow men and woman, not hate. Pray for this new world and it will emerge. Humanity holds the key to everlasting peace on earth. It is up to each individual to look within, to reach for God, and to pray for his gift of divine love. It is up to each individual to choose to put aside the image they believe the world should be; and seek to follow the image and path that God has laid out for them. It is up to each individual to chose to put the whole of society above the individual. It is up to humanity to choose. God bless you. We love you and all people. God loves you dearly.

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