A Message of Love

Dear friend. It is good to connect with you again. Faith and prayer are an important building block and stepping stone towards the kingdom of heaven. Our journey towards God is built on the unknown, for if we already knew all the answers, we would not need to seek. It's in the seeking that we discover not only God, but all the gifts and talents he has bestowed upon us. It is our responsibility as children of God to discover the many gifts he has placed in our souls. Each soul is gifted, our gifts keep unfolding throughout eternity, for life is eternal. We never stop growing. We never stop learning, for if we did, life would become dull and monotonous. Seeking God breathes life into our being. It gives meaning to our existence. That is why we come to you and to millions of others. We wish to teach, inspire, and uplift our human brothers and sisters. We wish to aid them on their journey towards God by bringing them understanding and love. Life is filled with many ups and downs, setbacks and progress. When we look back we will always see the progress that we've made, even if it doesn't always seem like we are moving forward. Remember, God is not bound by space and time. God is eternal. True spiritual growth happens all the time, often we are unaware of it's power. We do not always see the joy and love surrounding us because we simply aren't aware. Giving a nod to a stranger or waving to someone on a walk can spread positive vibrations and affect the subtle earth energies in that area. Strive to be loving. Strive to bring goodness to your life and to the lives of others, for spreading goodness builds the bridge between heaven and earth. Many are in need of God's love. Pray often. May God fill your soul with his great gift, the gift of his divine love. God bless you. We love you.

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