Spiritual Path: 9/18/20

Dear brother, good morning. It is good to connect with you again. Thank you for taking a message. You are at a point in life where things are slowing down and even stopping for you. This is happening for reasons that you can not fully see yet, but trust that everything will turn out for your highest good and for the good of others. This is part of your path. It is natural to ask those questions. What is next? What shall I do now? The universe is always in motion and constantly responding to our thoughts. This energy is in constant motion. The universe is busy lining things up. Things will fall into place in the divine right time. Humans can not fully grasp the plan of the universe. This is where faith in born and built. The path that God wants for you and for all humanity is to learn to let go of the mind, let go of the desire to plot and plan every step of the future. You say, but I need to make plans to secure my future? Yes, to a certain degree, but know that God is working out your future and you have nothing to fear. Look around you, you lack for nothing. A time will come when things will pick up again. Know that you are protected and guided by us. Trust us, all is well and will continue to be so, even as change continues to flood the earth. Peace be with you. Our love is with you always. God bless you. We love you.

Writer's note: I'm at an interesting point in life where my future seems unclear in regards to my life path. I am currently in a layoff due to Covid-19 and have been wondering what my next move should be. I'm a person who has never had a direct and clear career path but have always tried to follow the path I believe that God has laid out for me.

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