Meditative Writings from Spirit

I will be sharing a series of writings and messages that have been channeled and inspired through my meditation practices. Often, when in meditation I hear a small quiet voice that speaks directly to me. I am never quite certain what this voice will say or what type of message will come through, but recently this "inner voice" has asked me to write down what I hear and share the messages with others. The purpose of these messages is to provide inspiration and understanding to others on a wide variety of spiritual topics. The process of writing these spiritual communications is simple for me. I open with a quiet prayer and then I sit and wait until the voice comes through...I simply write what I hear.

As with any communication from spirit, all messages are subject to the interpretations of the writer. I do not claim to have any absolute knowledge or truths on these subjects. During my meditations I often get impressions, images, and voices that speak of things they wish for me to write. It is up to me to interpret these impressions and communicate them to the best of my ability and to be objective so as to not allow my personal opinions and biases to distort the communication from spirit. The one thing I've learned is that there is no absolute truth. We all have our own personal truths based upon our life experiences. What is true for me may not be true for you. My hope in sharing these messages is that I may offer a glimpse of inspiration and potential truths to others. May God's love be your guide to discovering your own personal spiritual truths.

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