Purpose of The Resurrectionist books

The Resurrectionist books follow a teenage protagonist, William Stark, as he struggles with a mental illness and confused faith that prevent him from loving the girl of his dreams. Circumstances beyond his control compel Will on a journey of self-discovery and inner courage as he navigates a perilous netherworld.

These topics can be abstract and intangible for many young people, making them difficult grasp and comprehend. I wanted to write a story that created a bridge between reality and spiritually, making these topics more tangible and hands on while appealing to young adult readers as well as a broader audience.

The Resurrectionist is partly inspired by a fascination of near death and out of body experiences. The first account I read was from Dr. George Ritchie's book Return from Tomorrow. Dr. Ritche shares his near death experience and recounts a fascinating tale; traveling through various dimensions of time and space with a bright spiritual guide whom he refers to as Jesus. Dr. Ritchie's book lead me to study countless numbers of other experiences people have had with the spiritual realm. Many of the descriptions and themes from the Resurrectionist come from my studies and research into the spirit world.

What struck me the most about Dr. Ritchie's story was his travel to a dark and negative realm. The beings there seemed to be locked in a mental battle of will power against one another. The beings would project anger upon one another and try to hurt each other. This went on and on. Many beings of light would come to try and help these poor souls but nobody wanted to see or hear them. It was evident that these beings in darkness were not stuck there because they were being punished by some angry God, they remained there because they chose to stay. These being were free to leave but for what ever reason they chose to stay.

I feel that this reflects reality in many ways. Change is hard. Often, we find ourselves stuck in the same self-defeating patterns and don't know how to change. It can feel easier just to remain where we are at. Maybe these poor souls felt more comfortable being angry and negative towards themselves and others. Maybe the familiarity was easier than seeking out and reaching for the light and the help that was offered. The Resurrectionist is a story of seeking the light and a reminder that God is always reaching out for us ... it's up to us to reach back.

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