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The Resurrectionist


William Stark is not the hero type, at least not in his eyes. Awkward and anxious, mental illness and a confused faith keep him from loving the girl of his dreams, and himself. A lack of self-esteem takes him to the depths of hell (literally) to fight an intimate battle between fear and faith. 

Will wants nothing more than to feel normal, but when you're from a town nicknamed, The Devil’s Rendition of Sedona Arizona, it's not meant to be. Famous for attracting fire and brimstone preachers, occult psychics, and the fringes of society, Millersville is hiding a history that’s anything but traditional.

With the guidance of a deeply spiritual school psychologist who may be keeping secrets of his own, Will learns to balance his mental health symptoms and work towards normalcy, which is about to be short lived.

A team of paranormal investigators have their eyes on the reluctant Will and his unique abilities. What isn't clear is their deeper purpose for him. Aided with technology developed by the group, Gateway, a Resurrectionist crosses into a world of lost spirits and guides them to the light. William's calling, his purpose, is laid before him. He must fight to conquer his demons or risk becoming one of them, falling into darkness for all eternity.

The book's description describes this book beautifully. Will Stark is not your typical hero. On the outside, Will appears to be an all American teenager. On the inside, he's wrestling with his own personal hell, an anxiety disorder and teenage awkwardness he tries to hide by wearing plain t-shirts, short hair, and blending in. He certainly would never consider himself courageous. He finds comfort in faith, but not extremism, like the fire and brimstone types who call small town Millersville home.

Will's disorder has given him certain gifts and catches the attention of Gateway, a group investigating the spiritual realm and paranormal activity. A reluctant recruit, Will, works to overcome his fears and open up, trying to save lost souls and the girl he loves.

The Resurrectionist is a fast paced, absorbing young adult/teen book with plot twists you don't expect. A book where good works to triumph over evil. In Will, we find an unlikely hero who despite his disorder, learns that by relying on love, faith, and believing in himself, he can face seemingly insurmountable odds.

            -avidreader Amazon review

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